At the houten expo the Netherlands we bought 2 very nice females. Here some pictures of the introduction to the group: new blacknose new blacknose red devil meets blacknose female blacknose female new female new black and white female and new blacknose the group together outside blacknose female Blacknose female Male Willie new female black   Lees neer …

We are proud to tell we have problably the first blue tegu hatched in the Netherlands. They are very active and healty.

Bora one of our blue tegu is now also pregnant (Father Borat). She’s already stopped eating, so it could be that she will lay her eggs soon. Her eggs will be beautiful giant high white blue tejus. Now hoping for wonderful beautiful white and healthy eggs.

The eggs go tremendously well. They grow well and are already2 times as big when they where layed. On the picture we have a 2 euro coin next to the egg to give you an idea how big they are. 4 more weeks and then they will hatch. We are very curious about the babies.

It is already getting lighter outside and that you can see in the greenhouse. The animal getting back to life and have the most beautiful colors. Especially after a shedding.