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Latin name: Dracaena guianensis
age: unknow
Lengte: 120cm/4feet

We think Caiman tegu are one of the most divicult lizards to keep. You think everything is right and then something goes terreble wrong. Almost all Caiman lizards in europe are wild cought or farm bred. They almost always have parasiets, herpes or other problems/deseases… They are also very prone to bacteria. A lot of Caiman lizards die of infection in the brains. So always keep the water realy clean.


Caiman lizards live in the swamps of South-America; Colombia, Frensh-Guyana, Guyana, Ecuandor, Peru and Northen Brazil.


This is a divicult point. We think offspring is less divicult and can be cept in smaller enclosures. For wild cought or farmbreed we would recomend to keep them in big enclosures with a lot of plants. Becouse in small enclosures they stop eating an crawl in to dark corners. They can be realy stressed animals and females the most. Males are much more easy than females.

We keep a group of 7 animals at this moment. 3 males and 4 females in an enclosure of 5x5x2,5m (16,5×16,5×8,2feet). Its inportant to have a lot of plants to hide and a lot of light. We have a big pond of 1 meter (3feet) deep and covers halve of the bottom of the enclosure. Caiman lizards are extreemly sensitive for bacteria and is the most commen reason they die in captivity. Thats why a good uv filter is realy inportant for killing bacteria in the water.

Also a good filter for cleaning the water, like a pool filter or a koi karper filter is neaded.

Here a video of our Caiman lizard enclosure:



UV and heating

They love a lot of heat and light. Good uv is realy inportant. In some countries its dicult to get a good uvb. We recomend the german uvb Solar Raptor. Its the best uvb bulb there is but you can only get them in europe. Then you have bright sun uv how is the second best. If even that is not posible we would recomend megaray or powersun. Their coloration gets realy beautiful with a good uvb light and a lot of normal light. Witch is a realy good sign.

Vitamine and Calcium Powder

This is a problem becouse a lot of Dracaena doe not want their food if there are vitamine powder on it. We have found a trik they don’t understand. We put the powder on the bottom of the dish. Then we put the catfood or frozen snails in the dish on the powder. When they eat the powder stiks on the food and they don’t notice it. Good vitamine powders are Minner all OUTDOOR (without D3) and reptivite without D3. Why without D3? Becouse you don’t want to overdose them. You have a good uvb and is no nead for D3 vitamines. Its only dangerous. IT can kill them.


This is also a divicult point becouse there is not a lot of knowledge about Caiman lizards. We try to feed a varied diet. They get apple snails, normal dutch snails, Vineyard snails, chicken, catfood (fish taste), crab and fish. But 80% of the diet have to be snails. If threy stop eating or just get skinny. Forced feed them with Prescription Diet a/d. Its realy good stuf. Normaly given to cats or dogs with problems getting strong again.


The sex is realy easy to spot. they have 2 lumps near the cloaca like male Tupinambis have. But with Caiman Lizards also the females got it, but do they look diverend. See picture below; the fist one is the male and the seconde one is the female. The male has a row of big scales. And the female one big scale with some small scales around it in the lump.

dracaenaguianensis_male dracaenaguianensis_female


This is not a realy nice thing to see. The males are realy aggressive. They bite in the tail of the female and don’t let go till the female is tired. Then he mates with here. Sometimes they can rip off the entire tail. They have realy big teaths like cows to break snail houses. So nead to have realy strong jaws. You don’t want to be bit by one.. He will break your vingers. We can’t tell you a lot more becouse there are no succeded breeders of Caiman lizards.


There are 3 diverend colorations as far as we know. Thats the blue, the green and the orange Caiman lizard:


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  1. Lee says:

    You say you give camian lizards dutch snails? is this not dangerous?

    • Renske says:

      No, if it was i did not feed it. Its the best you can get. The snails had an healty diet, so are more healty than captive bred snails. There is more good stuff in it. The parasites and stuf the captive bred as wel can have will not harm a healty caiman tegu. It is not a bad idea to deworm and give flygil ones a year.

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