Welcome on our website tegubreeder.com. We are Jan Paul Groen and Renske Loogman tegu breeders in the Netherlands. Together we love tegu species and want to focus mostly on breeding tegu. At this moment we have Red tegus, Black and white “Argentine” tegus, Blue “Brazilian” tegus, Chacoan tegus and Caiman lizards/tegus. Both Tupinambis and Dracaena spiecies are in the familie Teiidae witch is the tegu family. Beside this 2 there are more lizards in the tegu family. We are planning to keep more tegu spicies in future. Making a reservation for a tegu can be don by emailing us on the contact page and can be picked up at all hamm and houten shows. You can always ask questions but first read our caresheets.

About our other reptiles you can take a look at our other website: www.quolibet.com